First Update from America

I left Japan on December 18th.  There was a little misunderstanding in the immigration office about the need for a re-entry permit.  I went to get my multiple re-entry permit and the man said the new law states you no longer need one as long as you have you have your updated alien registration card.  Like a fool, I took his word for it and did not get one.  As soon as I got into the departure area, I learned that he was totally wrong.  If I don’t get my butt back to Japan before December 18, 2015, I lose my permanent residency.  Live and learn.

I decided to take the route through Los Angeles and spent a day with my sister who lives in Beverly Hills.  I stomped on a lot of those stars on the street.  If you are into seeing interesting automobiles cruising around, this is the place.  It seems like a safe area to live and people enjoy the warm weather even in December.

From LA, I headed to Las Vegas.  This is one of the few airports that flies direct to Chicago Rockford International Airport by Allegient Air.  I really like Virgin America, but Allegient with their stupid pay as you go for everything will nickle and dime you to death.  You even have to pay 20 dollars for putting an overhead carry-on bag.  I didnt buy any peanuts either.  They took enough of my money.

I arrived in Rockford.  The airport is less than 2 miles from O’Leary Acres where my parent’s live.  I could almost walk home.  I arrived safely and began the task of getting a job and getting a reliable car.  I am happy to be back and to reconnect with my roots.  I am a homebody.  No one would doubt I have seen enough of the world.  I am not fond of Rockford at all.  Freeport or Lake Summerset are where I feel I want to settle down.


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